Arlex + Odosdesign at Barcelona Design Week

ARLEX opens its showroom in Barcelona during BARCELONA DESIGN WEEK 2016 to present the exhibition of the reinterpretation of MOON table: 10 YEARS / 10 TABLES / 10 FRIENDS. A selection of their latest product presented at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan will also be shown in the showroom.

Last October was our 10th Anniversary and we celebrated it with 10 friends which have been close to us all these years, and we admire or we feel a special affinity. Each of them reinterpreted de MOON table, that has been designed by us and manufactured by ARLEX, in a different way. Manuel Lecuona together with Lourdes Forné, reinterpreted MOON table from the discipline of art, they chose to disintegrate the generating process, leaning on three dimensions: the aptitude of the object, the narrative as a chronicle of the object and emotion as emotional strength of the object. Borja García, followed the design process conversely to go back to the roots, touching, dimensioning, testing the object under real conditions, sensations that screen cannot reach. José A. Gandía Blasco solved the challenge by mixing ages as a sample of timelessness. Alejandro Benavent reinterpretates it with confetti, the best way to celebrate a party. Rubén Álvarez puts the icing on the cake as a master chocolatier with a table of chocolate decorated with a decahedron that symbolizes the 10 years of the studio and their passion for geometry. Didac Ballester + Ibán Ramón created a new interpretation respecting the identity of original elements, and inviting to imagine new and unlimited applications. Stone Design investigated carbonization of Wood in order to protect it from weather and biological agents. Oscar Díaz made celebration energy endure. Xavi Mañosa represented the entrance of the workshop at lunch time in summer, nothing is more sincere than reality. And Mario Ruiz made a reinterpretation of the table by representing the three partners of the studio with different materials. A union that makes sense because if one part is missing, the other two parts do not work as well.

The exhibition will be open from 2nd to 10th June at the showroom of ARLEX, C/ Salvador Espriu, 29, Barcelona, from 9am to 2pm and from 4pm to 8pm. Tuesday 7 June at 7:30pm a cocktail will be served for friends. Attendance must be confirmed by email: