Corporate identity campaign for Actiu’s new products

The most important office furniture fair of the world is celebrated in October in Cologne: Orgatec. Actiu, the office furniture manufacturer located in Castalla, has commissioned Odosdesign the design of the communication and branding of their new products, the art direction and the design of the new catalogues.

The Alicante-located company was searching, through creativity and imagination, a new way of presenting their new products which made them stand out from the rest. Our aim was to communicate the values of the company, but also the fact that these new collections were inspired in creating new spaces in offices, more open and collaborative, where workers could feel at home. A campaign which promoted a balance between work and personal life, as much as work and play. We wanted the work to reflect passion, but also collaboration, union and teamwork. All of it, supported by this year’s leitmotiv Always on the move.

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Siempre en movimiento, nueva campaña gráfica de Odosdesign para Actiu - Graffica – 2014

Taking this premise as our starting point, we have developed a whole corporate identity campaign with ideas that linked the brand with the main values of sport: effort, passion, the importance of teamwork and perseverance. The idea was to present each new product with pictures related to sports such as tennis, rhythmic gymnastics, badminton, synchronized swimming or judo.

In order to carry out the art direction of the new products, we illustrated customized sport kits of the brand so that the different sportspeople appearing in the photos dressed in them. Synchronized swimming bathing suits, t-shirts, shorts, tennis skirts, judo kimonos, rhythmic gymnastics leotards or accessories such as football scarves were among the pieces that we designed.

On the other hand, we created an iconographic universe for each of the seven programmes which were presented in the fair.

Icons based on each product, which served to illustrate the catalogues as well as the communicative tools of Actiu in the weeks leading up to the fair: the website, the press releases, the posters, the social networks or the newsletter. Using the same graphics, we produced corporate notebooks, chocolate medals to hand out in the stand during the Orgatec fair or the Orgatec’s booth whole signage, designed by Cosín Estudio.

Finally, we carried out the art direction of the new products. A total of seven novelties which were presented with real sportspeople as the main focus of the scenery, dressed up with the new Actiu’s kit.

The making of of this process goes to show what a great time we had carrying out this project: