ACTIU. Orgatec 2016


Art Direction + Graphic + Spaces design

Actiu brings its Cool Working to life thanks to work by Odosdesign

Actiu, the office furniture company based in Alicante, has for several years been developing the “Cool Working” concept, a work philosophy that consists of putting the focus on people and establishing how they can be happier in their work. This new way of addressing office design, which has made an important change in the company strategy, was presented at Orgatec, the top office furniture fair in Europe.

To provide graphic content to this new stage of the company, we created a graphic campaign able to transmit those concepts that, by focusing on people, address well-being, new forms of collaboration, and moments that each of us chooses as our favorites in a work day. It also addresses limits, such as how cultures and schedules do not understand health and well-being, and how, regardless of where we find ourselves, we seek happiness. Even in our workplace.

This art direction project has been a challenge of strategy, planning, characterization of the protagonists, graphic design and video for us.

People: the fundamental focus of this campaign. Definition of personalities.

The campaign has starred six characters: each one of them different, coming from a different part of the world and with well-defined personalities. María, a blogger in Madrid’s Malasaña sector; Aaron, a New York film director; Paulo, a Rio de Janeiro artist; Gong, a Shanghai economist; John, a lawyer in London, and Ellen, a Melbourne designer. Each one of them, at the same time, but at different moments of the day, lived a moment in their work day that showed their idea of “Cool Working” and how they felt best in their work space.

Selection of the protagonists and their workplaces, in keeping with new trends in the office world.

The work consisted in planning and characterization of each one of the characters, their styles and modes of life, jobs and tastes. Once the characters were defined, they were associated with the new paradigms of the world of work, reflected in values such as autonomy, flexibility, communication, technology, sustainability and health. Different actors were selected to give life to these profiles, identifying with the characters defined.

Through them, at the same time, the firm’s innovations were presented, each being associated with one of the new products and attentive furnishing solutions that fits with their way of working. So, while John chooses a height-adjustable table to combine his work hours standing or sitting, Paulo needs a high table to leave his paints and continue drawing.

The interaction of six scenarios, six actors and six scripts.

The photography session was performed on a set for which we created six different scenarios representing six offices. Different styles, environments and furniture recreated the workspace of each of our protagonists. Custom scenarios were designed with details to bring out their personalities and working styles: from the coasters of María the blogger, to Gong’s graphics in Shanghai, John’s calendars and Ellen’s designs.

Each scenario was conceived as an open space, without walls, in which one specific piece of furniture of each country invades the next space, thereby reinforcing the concept of connectivity and closeness, despite the geographical distance, thanks to the internet, new technologies and new work systems.

Photographs and videos of the campaign were taken in these spaces: individual and team images that told their story and in which, through continuous knowing winks between them, short films were recorded to provide graphic content to the most important event of Actiu: Orgatec. Here, of course, the product innovations were the stars thanks to the characters and the staging of each space created.

From fiction to reality, brought to life at the stand at Orgatec in Germany.

The six protagonists of this graphic campaign traveled to Orgatec in small audiovisual clips shown on the screens in the Orgatec stand, an area of 600 meters designed by us in collaboration with Cosin. This space recreated, under different scenarios, the offices of the characters of the campaign in real format.

The props and the design of the different areas and the placement and finishing of the furniture were part of its contribution to this space, which has been well received as a result of its warm and welcoming design. It has also served as stage to show the company’s various innovations to the more than 2,000 people who approached the booth during the week of the fair.

A comprehensive campaign

The result has been a graphic campaign that has transcended the digital and printed format to become a reality and demonstrate the maturity of Actiu in this new Orgatec fair. This campaign has been used in the graphic and audiovisual design of all the company’s digital and paper communications, press kits, fair catalogs and even a “Cool Working” travel guide that invites companies to find out how to equip an office to make their employees happier.