Art Direction for Feria Habitat Valencia

Today opens Feria Hábitat Valencia, a great project in which we are working the last months. We take care of the graphic communication and interior design of Feria Hábitat Valencia and NUDE, the emerging design platform. We have also collaborated in the search of companies and sponsors.
This year, for the second consecutive year, we have worked on the art direction of Feria Hábitat, contributing the strategic value that deserves a project of such magnitude, which has allowed to hang the “Full” sign after a few years in which it shared space and time with other sectors of interior design.

The graphic is inspired in the separation of the different areas in which the habitat sector is present, from the big sceneries such as architecture, design and industry, the plan where the lighting, the decoration and the furniture coexist. We also differentiate the commercial sectors where the furniture is present, such as exports, home and contract. They are all reduced to the minimum expression by using geometric icons with which the whole graphic design has been developed.

Once we have developed the icons we reunited them creating a more powerful image for all the applications of signage and mupis, we generated elements clearly related to the furniture, such as a chair, a table and a lamp that represents lighting sector.

Aquí podéis ver toda la programación que ofrece Feria Hábitat:

NUDE, the space for young designers, has worked as a project with its own identity inside the Feria Hábitat. In this space, we started with the concept of Area D that we developed in the past edition, where we tried to recreate the skyline of a city. This year it becomes a large boulevard located in the heart of the 4 pavilions around the design. We have developed it with the collaboration of Sancal, Porcelanos and KRISKADECOR in the central agora design, where all the conferences take place. 13 studios and 11 schools have participated, many of them international universities mainly Asian and Mexican.

We hope you enjoy this week and see us at the fair!