Inbani. Art direction

THE CATALOG  is the result of our second collaboration with the bathroom furniture firm Inbani. We have provided the art direction, photography and catalogue design which features the 2016 novelties and products from previous years. The settings have been made up specifically to display reissued pieces but with new pastel finishes. Tones such as rosewood, lemon yellow or apricot dress this new furniture collection that is featured in our 2016 novelty catalogue.

The art direction is focused on pastel colours and the re-creation of real settings, with an impeccable decor, but that don’t eclipse the forms of the piece of furniture displayed. Big and wide spaces maximize the space to include the accessories and the firms’ pieces. Setting design, positioning of the furniture and add little chromatic details such as the lemons or the apricots. As well as the design of geometrical forms on walls and floors. Concepts aimed to provide decorations with volume and make the furniture stand out.

We have also been responsible for the graphics of the catalogue, using simple lines that made the pictures stand out and evoked the minimalist forms and details of Inbani’s products. In the ‘Blow&Fluent’ catalogue we used basic geometrical forms such as the circle as the leitmotiv, whereas this year’s ‘The Catalog’ we based it on typographical compositions. Always taking into account the choice for finishes from the brand and the chromatic tonalities from their products in order to provide with coherence and taste all the elements that are featured in this catalogue.

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