Next stop, Berlin!

This weekend we are going to the German capital to receive the prestigious RED DOT Award: Communication Design that we have won with the project we did for the company Actiu. Part of the Odosdesign team will travel together with representatives of the furniture company such as Soledat Berbegal, Communication Manager, and Jesús Moreno, Chief Marketing Officer. Once there we will attend the Red Dot Gala held on Friday night at the Konzerthaus Berlin.

More than 8.000 projects from 50 different countries have submitted to these awards that are organized by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen (Germany). The jury has valued our work of development, design and strategy and our effectiveness to transfer the values ​​of the company, its novelties and products in this communication campaign and therefore we have been awarded the Red Dot: Communication Design 2017 in the category of Corporate Publishing. In this edition, the RED DOT have celebrated 25 years of experience and are reaffirmed as one of the most important awards at European level.

The winning graphic campaign is the one we designed for the Orgatec fair and the goal was to communicate the “COOL WORKING” philosophy of Actiu. Concepts such as welfare at work, new forms of collaboration, spaces of socialization, flexibility and autonomy are transmitted through six different characters, each one of them coming from a different part of the world, with very different personalities and professions. With these characters, borders, cultural differences and schedules are blurred to show general and global trends in working environments that prioritize health, well-being and happiness in the new working paradigms. To do this, we planned a coordinated strategy of graphic communication, ranging from art direction to space design, the editorial design and graphic design of all publications and communications related to this philosophy.