Our week in the Salone Internazionale del Mobile Milán

We’re back from Milan with recharged batteries. It’s been a really busy week with lots of meetings and happy moments. In this year’s Milan furniture fair edition, we had five of our products in different areas of the fair. What’s more: we have designed stands, catalogues, the graphics for areas, art directions and even our glassware FoodPrint in the Instituto Cervantes de Milán. A week where a lot of the work we have been developing for months in different branches of our studio has been exhibited: of course Product Design, one of the aspects we enjoy the most; the art direction for spaces, with the design of two stands for our clients; and also, communication, with the catalogues we have produced for many firms with which we’ve worked with and that have been present in this edition. Let us tell you more about it!


Our collaboration with Actiu is recent but very intense. From September on, we have carried out the art direction for the company, worked on the image of the products and in the props and decorations of the firm. First it was Orgatec, then came Féria Hábitat Valencia and now we have been commissioned to design the visual identity of the company for its first citation with the Milan Furniture Fair. Under the motto ‘Work Living Yourself’ we have designed a stand divided in different work environments with the aim of fostering creativity, efficiency and improving the work quality thanks to the wellbeing of the user. A project carried out by Cosín Estudio which provides a great first impression of the company from Alicante specializing in the manufacture of office furniture. Moreover, the new catalogues, the art direction of the company’s new products, or a top-ten list about the ’10 Good Reasons to Love Your Job’ are projects which we have carried out for this company in the last months.


Catalonian Company ARLEX has attended the Milan fair along with our latest designed, as well as the Art Direction and the production of the stand. ARLEX is a company founded in 1963, specializing in the manufacture of high-end household furniture. In this year’s Milán Furniture Fair they have attended with our latest designs.

Nara de ARLEX

NARA is a storage system where we seek the complete integration of the handle in the piece of furniture. The handle is integrated in the product itself as a flush pull handle which is hidden in the frame, which limits by the front pieces and imitating the aesthetics of a painting’s frame. The interplay between the edge and the frame offers many possibilities to combine finishes and colours so that the piece can be adjusted to different areas with very varied aesthetics.

Easel de ARLEX

Easel is the new ARLEX’s valet. However, it’s actually much more than that. It’s an auxiliary piece of furniture which can be used not only for hanging clothes during the day but also for other parts of the house. A product of high elegance and efficiency, made from oak wood and with the possibility of being lacquered in different colours.

Apart from these two novelties, our previous pieces which were already present in the catalogue like the new collection of W-Collection wardrobes or the Moon tables tables have been exhibited in the Arlex stand.

We have integrated all the new Arlex collection in a stand which we had designed to provide these spaces with the maximum reality and warmth possible. The firm wanted a space divided in different environments: home environments next to work environments visible from all angles. With indirect light highlighting each piece of furniture and a varied work of props and decoration, we have designed a warm and cozy environment which welcomes the visitor to present the company’s new products in the most natural and direct way possible.


For Gandia Blasco, the Milán Furniture Fair is the starting signal for all its new pieces of furniture. Naturally, for this edition they have presented their new catalogue ‘An Odyssey’, also produced by Ododesign.


The Valencian Company has also been present in this edition of the Milan Furniture Fair with two of our designs: The Tyris chair and the Mai Tai bar trolley.


For Tarragona Company MOBENIA, specializing in the manufacture of handcrafted furniture, we have developed the Chicago display cabinet, which already existed in their catalogue, but which has been redesigned with new finishes for their new line of business: MOBENIA LUXURY.

This display cabinet is inspired by the work of architect Miles van der Rohe and their glass skyscrapers, specially the Lake Shore Drive Apartments in Chicago. Furniture with straight lines, glass, steel, and light. Inspired by this idea, we decided to create a display cabinet with similar features and luminous interiors, and because of this we called it Chicago. This display cabinet, leaning on light legs, and with glass front and back, allows light to pass through and light the wood frame, a material which can be lacquered in a different range of colours or just leave its original wood colour.


And now beyond the premises of the fair, but not for this less important, there was the ‘Diseño al Plato’ exhibition, organised by the ADCV and exhibited in the Instituto Cervantes de Milán. An exhibition where design, gastronomy and handcraft merge in 14 different dishes made by designers. Among these, you could find our Foodprint, a glassware inspired by the Street Food concept.