ACTIU. Art Direction Cool Working

Art direction

On this project of Art Direction, we did the photo shoot of the new product that has been presented at Orgatec Fair in the German city of Cologne under the motto “Cool Working”, which is a way of understanding life and work, where each person needs and small details are key to daily well-being. Six different characters were created, from different cultures, with different jobs and necessities each one: María is a blogger from Malasaña neighborhood in Madrid, Aaron is a cinematographer from New York, Paulo is an artist from Rio de Janeiro, Gong is an economist from Shanghai, John is a lawyer from London and Ellen is a designer from Melbourne. Their viewpoints reveal to us their particular way of working at the same time, but in different time zones in each part of the world.

In addition to the photo shoot, we worked on the concept and design of the stand for Orgatec Fair 2016. We also made a video of each character as well as the specific graphic resources used for each city.

Destination: Orgatec. When work styles do not distinguish cultures