Área D at Feria Habitat Valencia 2016

Spaces design

Design of the exhibition area and the graphic communication of AREA D located in the heart of FERIA HABITAT VALENCIA 2016.
AREA D was created as an environment with its own personality. It was built through a strong graphical development and a distinct graphic identity. AREA D gathered all the stands of exhibitors, as well as NUDE AREA, conference main square, Press Corner, a space for design publications, an exhibition area and a “Meeting Bar”.
NUDE AREA gathered 18 design studios an 8 Schools of design. Every stand had pergolas in different sizes that had a skyline appearance seen from a distance. The information for each stand was located in support elements that simulated elements you could see in any city.
AREA D had its own graphic identity for all the elements and signs. In addition, letter D was located in strategic places to be a visual guide for the area. Visitors could also consult the maps located in different parts of the pavilion to orient themselves and know what area they were in.