Product design

“The sum of small objects generates large objects.” Manufactured by: Albiol.Dado is a container system based on the sum of individual modules to generate larger objects. It is defined by four formally different objects which, in turn, are available in several sizes with fronts which are open or closed by doors and drawers.The way to build different compositions is very simple; you just fit one module with another by stacking them on top of each other. This feature gives the system great versatility and dynamism, allowing you to reconstruct shelves, cupboards or filing cabinets, among other things, so that you can change its appearance whenever you want. Quality and diversity of use are the main parameters on which the Dado modular system is based. The system modules are made of lacquered MDF with a wide range of finishes and individually assembled with top quality hardware invisible to the user. It is ideal both for facilities such as offices, shops and restaurants and for the home. Dado offers endless composition possibilities.
Manufactured: Albiol Modular.