Product design

The Ensombra sunshade is inspired by oriental art. Its simple opening system recalls how fans work, through a repetition of a module that turns on its central axis.Here, we are reinterpreting a traditional object by applying new materials which, together with its structure, provide it with great visual lightness.New materials are employed to achieve combinations of light, colour and shades that turn a garden or terrace into an idyllic and lively space.First Prize Grand Design Awards 2007 London.First Prize Gioia Casa 2007.Delta selection 2007.CDIM Selection Professional 2006.It has been selected for several exhibitions like “Spain Color: Fresh Air in Spanish Design”, in Tokio “Editorials” commissioned by VIA in Paris, “Suma y Sigue”, and “100% Valencianos”, and others.
Manufactured by: Gandia Blasco.