ICEX. Neocon Chicago

Spaces design

For the third consecutive year, ICEX and the Economic and Commercial Office of Spain in New York, under the banner “Spain Does Design”, organized a Spanish stand at the NEOCON Fair, which took place in Chicago from 12 to 14 June.
Odosdesign won the public bid of the design of the booth, the curator of the products of the exhibition and the graphic design.

An interior design project that starts from scratch is like a blank canvas where we generate ideas. In addition to selecting the ideal product that will be perfectly distributed in the space, we will choose the nishes for the smallest detail and we will play with lighting in the most appropriate way.
Our concept arises from a palette of colors, textures and simple geometries inspired by the gradients of the sunrise and the sunset of our country, by the blue of the sky, by the sea, by the crescent or by the round shape of the sun that symbolizes the light we enjoy outdoors.
This palette of natural color and the simple geometries inspire us for the design of the booth and the tour thorough the di erent areas. The overlapping of the di erent planes enriches the vision of space and the selection of nishes, both the booth and the product, have an impact that stimulates enthusiasm, motivation, productivity, happiness and creativity in the user.
Each one of the exhibitors is given a di erent area where they can show their product in the best way. For example, Compac and Roca cover walls and doors in a graphic and functional way, with a bar as a cafeteria. Oi Side recreates an outdoor leisure area with an illuminated base of Emac. We access the seats of Euroseating through steps that simulate an auditorium, covered with another base of Emac. JMM is in the central area in a project development area. Arturo Alvarez illuminates with his product three zones of the space and Kriskadecor surrounds and divides the booth with some shades of the gradient of an evening, as if we looked through a window.