Arlex. Kairos

Product design

Anywhere feels like home! So what better than relaxing and disconnecting in the bedroom or lounge of your own home? For this reason, and in order to make our life easier, we created the new system KAIROS for the bedroom, and an auxiliary collection of side tables created for ARLEX. KAIROS is a multipurpose program, dedicated to people of all ages, and adaptable to any space and requirement.The system is made of three modules and different wooden and metal accessorises, to be fixed to the head of the bed. The aim of these accessorises is to store and mainly conceal the items that we daily use, such as our mobile phone, keys, the book we are reading every night, all of this without subtracting space from the bedroom.The combination of different modules, accessorises and the finish (lacquering, carpeting or plywood covering) permits various compositions to be created and the users to personalise the system KAIROS the way they like it.KARIOS comes with the bedside table INDIGO, which has a portable integrated tray, and SERENA, as well as the height adjustable side table LEVEL, and MOON.
Manufactured by: Arlex