Red Dot Award in Communication Design!

Red Dot Award in Communication Design for the graphic campaign we designed for Actiu in Orgatec.

The graphic campaign we designed to bring Actiu’s “Cool Working” philosophy has been awarded with the prestigious Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2017 in the Corporate Publishing category.
This communication, which transcends the digital and printed format to become a reality, uses different spaces and personalities to present the new trends in work and contract environments, where furniture enhances wellbeing and productivity. The Alicante-based furniture company, winner of this year’s National Design Award, presented this philosophy, which it calls, “Cool Working” at the latest edition of Orgatec, the leading European trade fair for office furniture which was held in Germany in October 2016.
“Cool Working” by Actiu has been proclaimed as one of the best international communication campaigns of the year, being rewarded with the Red Dot Award 2017 in a competition organised by Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen (Germany). The jury assessed the development and design work of a selection of more than 8,000 projects from 50 countries. The award, which this year celebrates its 25th anniversary, will be presented at a gala in Berlin on 27 October.

Aim: illustrating trends in the world of work throughout the world
Concepts such as wellbeing at work, new forms of collaboration, spaces for socialising, flexibility and autonomy are transmitted via six different characters, each one from a different part of the world, with very different personalities and jobs. These characters help to blur frontiers, cultural differences and working hours to illustrate general and global trends with regard to the working environment that prioritise health, wellbeing and happiness in the new employment paradigms.
In order to recreate different forms of working in the world, our team planned and characterised each one of the personalities according to their lifestyle, work and tastes. Once the characters had been defined, they were associated with the new paradigms of the world of work, reflecting different values. The designers used these characters to present the firm’s new products, associating each one with the products and precise furnishing solution that suit their way of working.

Communication challenges: to bring the “Cool Working” philosophy of Actiu to life.
The aim of our communication campaign was to recreate a specific graphic identity, allowing this philosophy to be transmitted via a “Travel Guide”, a printed document that Actiu handed to its contacts and which sets out in detail the new trends and solutions in office design.
To achieve this, we planned a whole coordinated strategy that covered everything from the artistic direction to the design of spaces, editorial design and graphic design of all the publications and communications connected to the “Cool Working” philosophy. This material provided the graphic contents for the “Travel Guide”.

In this way, the project goes beyond the digital and printed format to spatial and real location, becoming a unified communication tool that can be exported to all the firm’s channels: from its external and internal communications, press material and presentation of new products to stand design and audio-visual productions. A challenge in planning and strategy, where not only the design itself but also the selection and characterisation of the personalities, the editing of the video, the story telling and the video recording of sequences all played a key role.

Six scenarios, six actors and six interacting sequences.
The photographic session took place on a set for which six different scenarios were designed to represent six offices. Different styles, ambiences and furnishings recreated the working space of each one of the characters. Customised scenarios were built in which all the details were taken into consideration to reinforce their personalities and working styles.
Each scenario was designed as an open space, without walls, in which a specific piece of furniture of each country invades the next space, thereby reinforcing the concept of connectivity and closeness, despite the geographical distance, thanks to internet, new technologies and new working systems.

From fiction to reality: embodiment on the stand at Orgatec, Germany.
The six protagonists of this graphic campaign travelled to Orgatec in short audio-visual clips, which were broadcast on the screens of the firm’s stand at Orgatec. This space recreated the offices of the characters, in different scenarios, in real format.
Both the props and the design of the different areas, as well as the layout and the finishing of the furniture formed part of our contribution to this space, which was favourably received thanks to its accessible and welcoming design. This was the space where the firm handed out its “Travel Guide”, the final document for which the whole campaign had been developed.