Alhambra Fabrics. Website

Alhambra is a Spanish high quality and design textile editor established in 1977. Their collections are fruit of a detailed and constant work of investigation, development and design. Alhambra has become consolidated as a reference for prestige for distributors and consumers around the world. Mixing textiles, textures and colours, Alhambra creates a universe of textiles that draw your soul, and fill your life with well-being. Inspiration and originality guide products for dressing each space in life.

Alhambra was looking for a more modern and contemporary language that allowed them to stand out and have greater and better digital presence. That is why they approached us to redesign and reposition their website capable of expressing the company’s values and new direction and management era.

A soulful textile universe


First, we analyzed several website and reference sites that could inspire us and help us find useful solutions for the user.
Second, was the analysis the current website to identify and examine possible flaws that could complicate the user flow and experience. The aim was to translate real consumer experiences in to the site, as the main focus of were the different fabrics and the collections to which they belonged.

This process helps determine how different users flow through the site and their priorities, letting us establish possible hierarchies, sitemaps and strategies. With all this data, a number of insights and specific conclusions were presented so we could follow with the website prototype-wireframes.


Wireframes are the main structure of a site, like the skeleton, the backbone in which the web is based. It is a simple and schematic representation that defines the content and its position, navigation menus, content blocks,… which help view the interaction between each other. At this phase no colors, fonts or any graphic elements are used. The focus has to be kept on how the website will work and the user’s experience.

Visual Design

Once the structure has been approved, we worked on the final visual design of the website.
We did a photo shooting for Alhambra’s new collections, which then could be used for the site’s content. We selected and applied a new typography for all digital applications,  brand colors, etc.