Campos is a pioneer in the field of textile solutions for industry. It has 35 years of experience creating elastic fabrics especially for the rest sector and offers its manufacturing capacity to innovate in other sectors. It stands out for offering excellent quality and the best service, in addition to its continuous innovation in the technological field.



Campos has three robust generations of hard work that guarantee the know-how of the company, which added to the constant effort to innovate, give the company a promising future. From Odosdesign we strategically mark its progress to turn it into an internationally recognized leading company.

We define its values, its brand vision and defined objectives and then outline a path to follow in order to achieve them. This path consists of accompanying you through a work methodology that focuses on the ability to adapt to anticipate market needs, such as the brand’s commitment to the development of products that are beneficial to people and the planet. We help push the boundaries of high-quality textiles and advanced technical properties by advising on all aspects of product design.



Our task has been to reformulate the brand of “Campos Montaverner”, adapting it to current times and new trends. The first step was the naming, an exercise of synthesis that results in the abbreviation “Campos”, a simpler and more powerful identity that, without leaving aside its essence, becomes more adaptable to the digital environment.

We seek to convey quality, professionalism and innovation through clean and elegant graphics. We chose the Roobert typeface, a dry stick with enough character and legibility to be at the forefront of the brand, adapted to physical media but especially to digital media. To position the “M” as a protagonist and differentiating symbol, we have softened its shape making it more organic, creating a wavy symbol that reminds us of the elasticity of the fabric and is related to the field of technology.

To reinforce this neutral and pure aesthetic, in line with the sector, we developed a chromatic palette centered on black and white with grayish touches.

We came up with a claim that will appear next to the brand in many of its applications. We chose “Stretch Knitted Fabric” as it is brief, powerful and perfectly defines the type of products developed by the brand.



One of the priorities we have with Campos is to adapt it to the digital era to take advantage in a traditional sector. Based on the branding we developed, we design your website and social networks applying that aesthetics with visual codes adapted to the new communication formats.

We created an intuitive and highly functional website for the user, with a clear differentiation of the different products. Our goal was to create a website that was not only informative, but also that its design and content would frame the Campos world.

Social networks are the pillar to properly relate the personality of the brand. We designed the appearance of its profile in the different platforms, adapting the language to each one of them and generating its own identity that will bring the brand closer to the users.