When the goal is to create a quality editorial line that draws the attention, it is necessary to:

1. Listen to the client, know their history, their collection and what they want to convey or what feelings they want to awake in their clients.

2. Work side by side with the best suppliers to achieve the best result. For the images we are looking for a photographer with outdoor technique and photo editing. To solve the editorial part, we rely on the know-how of the printer to achieve the best results in terms of format and finishes.

We also have the advice of the paper industries, we seek that the quality of the paper gives relevance to the photography of the product so that the images stand out at each turn of the page.

3. From Odosdesign, we focus with the client on the creative side, to ensure that the product is the protagonist and the pictures inspire those feelings of comfort, quality and authenticity that define GANDIABLASCO’s products so well.

Art direction

For the new product collections we looked for locations in Ibiza because we love the color of the island and its light. As well as connecting perfectly with the spirit of the brand.

Order, light, comfort and the desire to be resting outdoors in harmony is what we want to convey.

Editorial Design

There are catalogues that are born to be different and that’s how this one from GANDIABLASCO is.

Because it not only serves to present products and inspire the audience that looks at them, but it is also used to tell the story of its business career and what steps it has taken to become a corporate group with 80 years of history behind it. Because stories also have a place in product catalogues. For this reason, we have included an annex that explains the evolution of Gandía Blasco Group.

Technically, the hardcover stands out with an embossing from a detail of one of the main novelties, the rustic binding with visible spine, giving the presence and quality that the graphic piece deserves and to continue the connection with the Mediterranean spirit of the firm, the blue color is the protagonist.