Outdoor Collection



Mindo 118 (dis)connects you to your surroundings.

Cosy, practical and sculptural.

Mindo 118 is designed to be the perfect companion for your moments of relaxation. The challenge we set ourselves was to create an iconic armchair, fusing creativity and innovation to achieve an avant-garde result.

Mindo is characterised by the excellence with which it works with aluminium, which is why we chose die-cut aluminium to dress the backrest and give it a light appearance with an interesting play of light and shadow. This material, known for its industrial look, creates a balance with its high, sinuous silhouette. Focusing on functionality, we have made this contrast evident in the user’s experience, placing him as the protagonist of a place that embraces him, gives him privacy, and at the same time allows him to enjoy the fresh air and connects him with the environment.

We have designed the wooden legs, straight and robust to provide warmth to the collection. These same legs support both the armchair and the small table made of a round aluminium board that we have designed to go with it. Thus, this collection becomes your favourite corner to leave your everyday worries behind and let your mind go blank.