The moment Momocca came into the market, we have worked together closely on launching their products. Since its inception, we have carried out several artistic direction works for its furniture collections. This has been shaped by creating renderings of environments, where we have sought to reproduce lived-in spaces in both domestic and contract environments.

A number of essential criteria have been taken into account throughout the 3D visualisation work on spaces. Highlighting the quality of the company’s finishes by carefully and delicately selecting colours and textures, with the aim of creating attractive combinations that explore the product’s many decorative possibilities. Creating multi-purpose environments that work together, but which can also create small pieces for other media: Product details, images for social media, websites…

Initially, we worked with the company on conceptualising the catalogues’ editorial design by creating a useful tool capable of spotlighting the product range’s attractions, while also making it a template that can be adapted to the different collections.