NUDE has been for the last 20 years a space to articulate links between the creative community; a bridge between young designers and companies; a place to show that design goes beyond what can be manufactured, that it can project better futures. In fact, our presence in this event has been crucial for the birth and development of Odosdesign. Nude was created to promote young talent and highlight the relevance of the design sector, values that we share and disseminate, so it is a pleasure for us to have been entrusted with the task of developing a series of actions on the occasion of its twentieth birthday. To carry out this 360º project, we have based ourselves on the concept that Nude has always carried by the hand: to be a showcase to the world for young designers, in fact, we have designed some simulated showcase windows for the main action: the exhibition “20 years of Nude”.



For the graphics we started from the identity we created for the Nude edition. We focused on the real protagonists of this event: the designers and their unique way of thinking. We wanted to represent the contrast between their two main facets: the experimental and the rational. We based this idea on the combination of both typographies and colour palettes, which create interesting visual counterpoints and reinforce the idea of the sober and the dynamic, the polite and the daring. After all, this is the essence of Nude: an event that is a benchmark and consolidated in the sector due to its experience and, at the same time, a young soul that exudes innovation and creativity.

Based on this identity, we wanted to take special care in developing all the possible variations and applications of the graphics. Some of the details we have developed are fun stickers that have served as a common thread and that adapt very well to all kinds of applications, especially digital ones, on which we have focused, as required by trends, in order to get closer to users. With this we have dynamised the brand’s image and encouraged public recognition and participation, providing us with our visual work to create a memorable experience.



On the occasion of this celebration, Nude’s journey has been represented by an exhibition showing the best products that have passed through the event since its inception. A selection committee made up of Pepe Cosin, Alejandro Benavent, Silvia Flórez and María Fontes have chosen the designs that, thanks to Nude, have made the leap into the industry and which, in some cases, are now contemporary icons of Spanish design. For this event we have collaborated in both the organisation and the design. We based on the concept that Nude has always carried by the hand: to be a showcase to the world for young designers, based on this, we developed structures that simulated the shape of a shop window through which the exhibited projects could be appreciated. The exhibition took place at the Centro del Carmen de Cultura Contemporánea, where we were also able to present to the public the catalogue, an editorial design that we developed to accompany this event and provide the participants with a souvenir that will remain in time.



This catalogue, as well as accompanying the exhibition, aims to pay tribute to Nude’s imprint on the construction of a Valencian design sector that stands out on the national and international scene. We do so hand in hand with the designers who, during these 20 years, have found in this space the path to the professional world. This catalogue covers the history and development of NUDE as well as the projects exhibited at the Centro del Carmen de Cultura Contemporánea and the testimonies of its designers. Without going any further, among its pages you will find our iconic Ensombra, which reached its success after the first edition in 2002.

From the written, photographic and graphic content to the type of paper and grammage, we have developed this project in an integral way, starting from the ideation phase and ending once the printed result can be seen. This book, impregnated with the talent of young designers, is a journey full of history, design and emotions. With it we wanted to create a living experience that, on the one hand, would awaken nostalgia in the readers most connected to this space, and that would mainly serve as inspiration for anyone who dives into its pages.