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Redesigning the image of a well-established firm: the evolution of Royo

At Odosdesign, we have revamped the image of Royo, a benchmark among the bathroom design and manufacturing companies from the Valencian Community. In the last 40 years, it has come up with practical, innovative and affordable solutions for personal well-being in the bathroom sector. It now operates in 60 countries, and it has commissioned us to revamp its image through the artistic direction and graphic communication.

Based on the values of well-being, innovation, practicality and democratic design, at Royo they have been working and innovating for more than forty years to come up with easy-care bathroom furniture that combines beauty, practicality and hygiene. So much so that in 2012 the firm won the National Innovation Award in the Internationalization category.

Based on a more well-thought-out look, the new art direction in the design of catalogues and the presentation of the new Royo collections has tried to convey these values of the company -innovation, design, accessibility- in the firm’s graphic communication.

In fact, the whole project covers the art direction and photographs of the firm’s new collections that are on display this week at Cevisama -Structure, Soft, Alfa and Enjoy-, creating infographics of the existing collections -Vitale, Vida, Life and Love-, as well as editing three catalogues for the international market and a magazine of the distribution trends in stores.

Art direction of the new collections

The new bathroom designs for 2018 by the firm Royo are part of new spaces inspired by the latest trends of the sector. “We have created delicate environments to show off, without too many ornaments, the pieces on display. To this end, we have chosen materials like cement for the rendering and flooring, which are combined with warmer materials like wood. The selection of finishes of each product has also been very well studied to create simple, honest and clean environments in which the furniture is the real protagonist”, explains Ana.

In this way, by combining sets of photos in which the product is displayed and by focusing on the bathroom prop details, right down to the very last millimetre, the collections are presented in numerous finishes to show all their possibilities and capacity to adapt to environments and decoration. “We would like to show users a cooler look, which is trendier and suits all types of customers”, states Ana.


The redesign of the new catalogue, the essential commercial piece to present the new creations, has also been given a lot of thought. “Not only have we come up with a new layout for the catalogue, but we have also looked into the way to make it easier to read, which favours the work of the sales representatives and makes the information easier to find and more comprehensible. For example, we have incorporated thumb indexes in the direct accesses and a lot of work has been done to the technical part so that it is practical as well as being aesthetically correct. The objective is to produce a working tool that is more useful for sales representatives and sales assistants in the stores”, the designer explains.

As Royo is an international company that operates in more than 60 countries, it is well-established in France, Italy, South America and Europe in general, and three different catalogues have been designed for distinct markets that highlight the most popular products in each area. Changing the structure of the catalogue and the way of technically presenting the product has been essential to make it easier to use and understand.

In turn, we have created a magazine with content about the latest trends that is available in stores and distribution points. It is a sales tool with articles about the latest trends and with inspiring examples that help consumers decide what to choose out of its wide range of possibilities.

To launch all these new ideas that include art and communication direction, all the innovative creations by Royo can be discovered at the firm’s stand at the Cevisama trade fair, which takes place in Valencia from the 5th to the 9th of February, where we have given advice on the choice of finishes and decoration.