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We are a design agency specializing in product design and communication.

Since 2002, Odosdesign has been a design studio dedicated to conceptualizing a brand’s essence through a broad approach of design. Our goal: using creativity, research and transformative design to provide the most impactful and lasting results.

Our success is driven by a team of talented individuals from different fields. Headed by Luis Calabuig and Ana Segovia, we target invisible and visible design as means to generate the best services ranging from editorial, product design, art direction, graphic design, and brand identity as some of our main and most requested services. At Odosdesign we help identify, articulate and communicate what is unique about your organization; all crafted to present the best version of your company.

Limitations in our offerings barricades our effect. In an ever changing world, with evolving trends, different company profiles and demands we put foremost a flexible and broad offering able to meet and or surpass client’s requests.

Team work makes the

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If ''team work makes the dream work'' was a place that would be us. Our team makes the magic happen, working closely together always with an unmatched passion for their work and desire to always take home another win and happy client.

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Product design was our starting point more than 20 years ago and has grown and evolved along with us. It is no coincidence that it is our most awarded discipline. We have been able to innovate and reinvent ourselves by adapting our designs to the needs of the present and of each brand. We understand product design as the process of imagining, conceptualizing, testing and perfecting products that will mark and shape future societies and lifestyles.

Art direction is the tool we use to provide brands and projects with a solid visual communication that generates an aesthetic harmony according to your brand and its goals. It consists of presenting content to an audience by creating an experience based on visual language. For this content to be successful, we make all the decisions about what to show and how to show it in order to connect with the desired audience, generating emotions and sensations.

Our offering also includes business branding that involves analyzing the business’ essence and work on creating a personality that encourages its growth. Our goal is to make your brand known and desired, as well as to exert a positive image in the minds and hearts of consumers, through a set of actions related to the positioning of the purpose and values of the brand. Corporate branding is branding design.

Graphic design is in charge of the visual compositions that gather information, to form a message that must effectively reach the public. Through it, we create concepts, materialize and/or improve the visual communication of brands to boost them and make them stand out in the market.

Editorial design is a great option to showcase your brand, what you offer as well as your ideas and your story. It is a tool used to engage and connect with the audience in greater depth. As Speak Magazine’s art director said “it is the framework through which a given story is read and interpreted. It consists of both the overall architecture of the publication and the specific treatment of the story.”

We create new opportunities for brands by defining strategies that lead to growth and becoming salient in the consumer’s mind. As strategic design consultants, we plan the best tactics to reflect what makes you different as a company, bringing special attention to your own value proposition and purpose. Strategy is embedded in our creative design process, a clear development of how we work and how we as a team use the best strategies to bring the most relevance to our clients.

Design is more than art, it is science, discovery, building and meaning. A process of creating the most functional yet innovative designs, be it graphic, product, art direction and any other different types of designs out there. Everything we do is to amplify the industry, all done through our expertise in the area and it all starts with design consulting.


Relationships based on



2022 — ADCV GOLD - Outdoor furtniture
2021 — Archiproducts Design Awards - Office Category
2021 — iF Design Award - Product Design
2017 — Red Dot Award: Comunication Design
2013 — LAUS bronze for the art direction of GAN
2010 — Winner in the Edition Category of the Igloo Festival Contest by Torraspapel
2009 — Designer’s Association of the Community of Valencia (ADCV) silver medal.
2007 — Grand Design Awards (London)
2007 — Gioia Casa to outdoor product
2007 — Delta selection for outdoor product
2005 — INJUVE award for best career trajectory