Art direction

Alawa, distinction in a sea of brands.

Client: Alawa Swimwear
We welcome summer sharing one of our latest projects: the new swimsuit brand Alawa. The challenge was to capture the original idea in order to position their brand identity and to show the quality of this brand’s swimwear. You can check all our work on the Alawa website, also designed by us.
But let us start at the beginning. We created a brand which was visually appealing, elegant and easy to remember. To design the logo, we based ourselves on visual elements that would be reminiscent of the sea, waves, and the freedom irradiated by Mediterranean lifestyle. We then created the graphic app and designed the details, thinking of all the different formats in which the brand would appear.
We produced high quality visual content so that we could connect with the audience on social networks.

These swimsuits suit you, and the photoshoot bears witness to that! We defined a visual language and had the chance to have a photographer able to portray the essence of Alawa. We took pictures on different scenes, but always keeping nature close. We captured natural, spontaneous and easy-going models, thus representing the values of the brand.

Last but not least, we got to the web’s development and design. This would be the meeting point of the brand and its users. The outcome was an intuitive, attractive and functional website. Not only quick, but also responsive, a website that adapts itself to all devices. For this, we took into account how the website would be used and how to display information so that users had direct access to the purchase of their swimsuits and, hence, improve sales.
This multidisciplinary project kept the whole team working side by side, from the analysis, through the building of the creative idea, to its graphic and visual interpretation. The result has been the carrying out of the whole creative management that we outlined for Alawa and its swimsuit collection.

So, anyone’s excited for summer!