Campaign of Feria Habitat 2023


“The Soul of Habitat” is the concept we have created for the Feria Habitat Valencia 2023 campaign. We have devised this concept to be representative and, at the same time, adaptable to different contexts, allowing for variations such as “The Soul of Design” or “The Soul of Furniture”. Our aim is to represent the various products related to the habitat sector through their raw material, revealing the “skeleton” that is hidden inside a sofa, a small table or a lamp. In this way, we emphasise the essence and importance of the design process, which culminates in the finally visible layer of each object.

With this campaign, we invite you to explore the raw materials of the products and to highlight the Habitat fair as a unifying element between companies, designers and clients. To achieve this, we have created abstract compositions made up of industrial objects that imitate the shapes and functions of different pieces of furniture. These compositions are not limited to a specific style, brand or designer, but at a glance you will recognise, for example, a sofa or a table. To link these images to the Feria Hábitat and Textil Hogar brands, we have included elements with the corporate colours of both brands, thus highlighting their identity in the compositions.

In order to achieve the desired result and objective, we have placed the furniture as the protagonist of the compositions, almost completely reducing the presence of models, which only interact as secondary elements in the detailed photographs. The scenography has been based on plain coloured backgrounds or simple and minimalist architectural structures, highlighting the primary materials that are the main focus of our photographs.