From Waste to Wow: A Transformation of Textile

We embarked on a transformative journey with Creavalo, shaping the essence of sustainability into a vibrant brand identity. Our work for Creavalo revolves around the powerful concept of breathing new life into discarded textiles, promoting circularity in the textile industry.

From the inception of Creavalo as an innovation project, our focus has been on infusing the brand with values of sustainability and purpose. We've meticulously designed the corporate image, ensuring that every element reflects the brand's commitment to creating value through sustainability.

Central to our approach has been the concept of a new rebirth for textile waste, where discarded fabrics find new purpose and value as stylish, functional products. Our design process has carefully considered the application of the brand across digital and printed media, ensuring consistency and impact in every interaction.

Additionally, we've crafted a comprehensive brand manual, providing guidelines for the consistent and effective use of the Creavalo brand across various platforms and contexts. Creavalo is shaping a future where every fabric finds its purpose, and sustainability takes center stage.