Exhibition of the Premis d'Artesania
de la Comunitat Valenciana


The Magic of Imprints: Showcasing Authenticity in Craftsmanship

The Exhibition of the Premis d'Artesanía de la Comunitat Valenciana is a profound exploration into the artisanal world where the essence of craftsmanship is celebrated through a unique and innovative approach.

This exhibition confronts head on the challenges and risks that comes in a world now mainly dominated by digital and technological advancements. Through this project we recognise that the unique character of artisanal pieces, each bearing the unmistakable imprint of its author, encapsulates a magic that industrialised processes cannot access.

The totems showcased simulate these footprints, adorned with rounded edges and a palette of soothing beige colors, creating a cohesive and visually striking ambiance.

Photo Credits: Pepo Ruiz

An important point:
The Artisan's Footprint

At the core of the exhibition is the concept of the artisan's footprint—a symbolic representation of the unique and irreplaceable mark each artisan leaves on their craft. This theme is visually manifested through the incorporation of graphic footprints throughout the exhibition space.

Comprehensive Execution

We meticulously curated the exhibition's concept, designed the interior space to enhance the artisanal narrative, and engaged with suppliers to manufacture every element. Our involvement extended to the graphic realm, where we crafted a cohesive visual identity applied across various mediums such as posters, banners, tarpaulins, videos, and social media platforms.