Spain is in


The voice of Spain
through Design

"Spain is in" is a project, aimed at promoting Spanish interior design at international fairs and exhibitions. These events care with them the essence of Spain and Spanish design, going a step further was to bring more visibility to the project and the events. For this reason we were tasked with finding the best way to portray the idea, where it is at its best visual and comprehensive capability. The graphic design which was then incorporated on the website as well as other social media platforms, is one of the many ways to continue to bring awareness to the brand and what it stands for.

Enhancing Communication and Brand Awareness

We prioritised improving communication strategies to effectively convey the brand's values and identity. This was done through a user-friendly website and compelling graphic design that ensured a clear and cohesive message to the audience.

The website developed serves as a comprehensive directory, gathering information about the Spanish companies and the different brands participating in various fairs and events.This centralised hub facilitates easy access to relevant information for industry professionals and enthusiasts.

Graphic design played a pivotal role in visually representing the essence of the project. Through captivating visuals and a cohesive design language, we aimed to effectively communicate the brand's values and objectives. The goal was to evoke emotions and resonate with the audience, fostering a deeper connection with Spanish interior design.

The overarching goal of the "Spain is in" project was to bring international attention to Spanish interior design. Our contribution aimed at creating a visually appealing platform that showcased the diversity, innovation, and excellence of Spanish design on a global scale.

A Memorable Project

With this project we aimed to actively contribute to shaping the branding strategy of "Spain is in." By aligning the visual elements with the brand's identity, the idea was to create a strong and memorable presence for the project.