Art Direction

The main concept in this art direction is to highlight the architectural volumes of the space with the reflection of these colours conferred by the floors themselves.

Our challenge has been to create images in which the product stands out in a real space, creating monochrome environments that connect the volumes and colours to create a scaled perception of the floor in the composition. We also supported these images with details in which the design of the product’s own pattern can be better perceived.

With a strategic vision with the aim of giving them their own personality, we made all the Vertisol images breathe the same feeling. The visual coherence in which they result can be established as the iconic identity of the brand: architectural neatness and combinations of tones, some of the characteristics that define it.

We chose the future Vertisol showroom as the location, on the one hand because it provided us with a timeless and neutral environment that allowed us to play, and on the other hand because the design of this exhibition space is another of the projects we have carried out for the brand, so we know it perfectly.

For this photographic project we worked with Jose Hevia, a photographer specialising in architecture. He was chosen because he has a spatial look that connects with the volumes, the verticals… and at the same time makes it easier for these images to connect with the architects, who are the main pre-scriptors of this product.