The world is facing many economic, social and environmental changes. The cities and spaces we inhabit must be prepared and adapted to accommodate new needs and ways of life.

In this studio we carry by flag the belief in the impact that design has on societies and their function, which translates into their habits and values. That is why we embarked with excitement on this initiative created by the city council of Ontinyent that focuses on changing the way children go to school. An act as simple as determinant to provide a healthy and safe life physically and socially to a population in constant evolution.

The city must be shared in such a way as to generate a feeling of community, collaboration and closeness. For this reason, this project is based on designing conditions for the city that are conducive to human interaction, by creating a network of safe routes for walking and cycling. With these paths we encourage children to reclaim the streets and go to school alone or in the company of their friends.



When a child paints a picture, the purpose is to awaken creativity, imagination and sensation through sight. Colors have a fundamental role in the learning and development of people, as well as a direct influence on psychology. Each one of them transmits different sensations and emotions.

We developed the graphics focusing on the new generations and their new way of perceiving the world, so we chose a color palette with visual codes that are easy to perceive for the youngest members of the family. 

We used these colors to indicate the zones of passage, caution, etc. and thus guarantee the safety of the children. We applied this graphic design to the different key points of the routes, focusing at all times on the user experience.

Thanks to a survey, we have been able to verify the positive effect of this revolutionary project: students have gone from driving with their parents to walking accompanied by their friends and people of their age, and the start of the day, which they previously described mainly as boring, has become a time to feel safe and have fun while taking a nice walk.

Could your city be the next to make the change?