Fiora is a bathroom furniture and shower tray company based in La Rioja. We have been working and developing its art direction for several years and in this project our goal was to build a timeless aesthetic to present SEN, the new furniture collection designed by Mario Ruiz, in addition to the creation of the editorial line of its general catalog 2021.

Art direction

We focus on making the product stand out. The first thing we do is to define the aesthetic with the following characteristics:

  • Atmospheres / Environments framed in architectural scenarios that highlight the lines of the product, giving it the sophisticated touch is deserves as a premium design.
  • Enveloping lighting. Small nuances that enhance the location’s textures, creating images with a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Scenarios in real spaces with elegant and clean compositions.
  • Delicate still lifes that balance and harmonize the compositional weight in the scene.

Second, we look for large space locations, which provide the sense of luxury, and timeless materials that builds up the language with which the client easily connects. The outcome: both contract and residential ambiences.

Fiora’s products stand out especially for the textures applied to their surfaces, thus details have an important role. That is why we opted for deeply neat compositions focused on the product and the pattern its texture generates.

Editorial design

In the inside of this catalog, the framing of the images has special relevance, as we can perfectly witness the detail of the product since the differentiation of Fiora is the graphic feeling their products have.

The catalog’s cover is very functional and exquisite at the same time: a UVI varnish that mimics the texture of the main novelty; a copper stamping, referencing the new metallic finishes of the 221 collection; and a matte protective glaze to make the cover last.

3D images

Photo shootings are completed with CG renderings, placing the product in contract environments. An essential issue has been to recreate realistic spaces that speak the same architectural language as the brand. Transferring the brand’s values to physical spaces and introducing the different designs in new contexts: hotels, restaurants, offices,…


Sen is characterised by being Fiora’s most versatile and complete furniture collection. Sen’s timeless, sophistication and versatility make it a collection that responds to the needs of all types of bathroom spaces, both in residential, contract and hospitality environments.