For Fiora, bathrooms are at the centre of life, a personal and intimate place where materials and finishings are key for creating quality habitats that connect with people. For this reason, Fiora became one of the first companies to use polyurethane in bathroom furniture.
Fiora promotes innovative design, technology and state-of-the-art materials, combined with a passion for quality.

Along 2020 and 2021, Fiora asked us to conceptualize, design and animate several mixed media videos, combining still images and motion graphics, capable of highlighting each product main properties and expressing the philosophy behind each design.

Shower Trays

The work done for this project consists of the artistic direction and composition of the images.
We have generated the communication of the meticulous work of design and selection of colors
and textures of the shower trays.


A timeless classic thanks to the simplicity of its lines. Silex is a shower tray that adapts to all spaces thanks to the format customization options. It also allows for framed options to achieve a unique look.


Limite shower trays are characterised by their extra-thin profile and a hidden drain on the short side, making it completely unobtrusive. Created with polyurethane, especially adapted to humid areas, It is available different finishes, several colors and a variety of sizes to suit every space. It allows you to change the bath for a shower tray with a clean and aesthetic finish.


Nook is designed in Solid Surface and takes creativity to the extreme. A shower tray that stands out for its asymmetry and elegant grate. It is resistant, anti-porous, easy to clean and anti-bacterial. A new reinterpretation of the shower tray, in elegant matte white, with a timeless design.