This project consists of the creation of a book that compiles the avant-garde proposals of Lladró Design, its most creative and groundbreaking bet. We worked hand in hand with Lladró’s design team with the aim of obtaining a sublime and unique result, at the height of the creations it gathers.

To achieve this, we had to create an exclusive and unique publication, in which each of the collections shines with its own identity, so that it is perceived as an art book.

Art Direction

For this project, we applied our transversal work methodology and started with the art direction of two editorials that appear in the book: “At home with Enric Pastor” and “Shapes & Colors”. 

We chose cheerful locations full of personality, and combined the striking tones of both the collections and the set design to make each piece stand out visually, with a style that breaks the mold and a transgressive aesthetic. 

In “Shapes & Colors”, we wanted to highlight the essence of Lladró: the magical intersection of geometry, fantasy, functionality, form and color that creates icons capable of taking center stage in any space.

For the editorial “At home with Enric Pastor”, we maintained the unique aesthetics of the Lladró universe but within the warmth of the home. We were interested in highlighting the pieces in a lived environment that reflects personality and helps our imagination to blur the line between fantasy and inhabited places.


The main challenge of the editorial work was to combine the creative and the technical part in order to materialize the creativities proposed in a book that could be printed in offset and bound in an industrial process. 

We started with the goal of creating a playful and experimental book that would surprise the reader in each and every one of its pages.

We started by giving a different graphic identity to each collection, thus highlighting the essence and characteristic elements of each one of them. An example is the Awesome Insects collection, for which we created illustrations as if it were a botany book, and we materialized it by printing in a special silver ink that imitates the real details of the insects’ legs.

We have prioritized the importance of color to transmit joy and diversity, using special papers and tones that enhance the details of the pieces, such as the golden luster of “Black Bold”.

Another interesting and careful component that you can find among its pages are the transparencies, an element with which we have played to hide and uncover details of the parts that most interest us to highlight.

We have generated interaction mechanics so that the Lladró universe jumps off the paper and users can make it their own. The “Origami” collection invites you to become an interior designer and to enjoy yourself while you recreate pieces from scratch using origami techniques and then place them in their ideal corner. Another example is the INK collection, for which we devised and created stickers with illustrations of the pieces that fit perfectly with the rebellious and old school personality of this collection.

In this way, we have created a book incomparable to anything ever seen before in Lladró, an experience that surprises the reader in each and every one of its pages.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the playful universe of Lladró!