Decorate any room.

Art direction created for three vinyl wall covering collections, each with its own identity and a colour palette specially designed to create projects of all kinds.


Lights and shadows are used to highlight the features of these products.

Vertisol rugs are distinguished for their strength and pile, are shown off in a play of lights and shadows arising from the architecture of the place itself. This highlights each product, by enhancing its details, the weaving of the fabric and its binding.
Basic shapes that define the outline of the rugs have inspired the rest of the furniture, which levitates to focus on the textiles and enhance the features of the rugs themselves.
Given their strength, these rugs can be used indoors and outdoors, which means that apart from being ideal for the home they are great for commercial use. This is a key point in the art direction, for what we have used public places for the photo shoots; these include an office, a meeting room, a waiting room or a hotel reception.


Classic shapes emphasize the strength and the degree of transparency of the textiles.

We have taken on the art direction of the new products manufactured by the company Vertisol, which specialises in creating technical fabrics to make curtains, blinds and rugs, to name but a few.
Under the new art direction, we have redesigned its new product catalogue, which covers twenty assorted textiles that have different degrees of transparency. The objective was to use the pictures to emphasize the different features of each material that, according to the model, range from translucent to opaque. This has involved using a visual composition in which it is light itself that reveals the characteristics of the textile.

Being displayed in an extremely visual way in the window, the different objects and products have been combined to demonstrate up to what point each of them lets the light go through, a crucial feature for textiles used for blinds, pergolas, awnings and other types of products that provide protection from the sun.

This characteristic associated with the translucency of the fabrics, is also conveyed in the other graphic applications of the brand, such as catalogues and sample lines, thus creating a graphic universe that plays with the colour tones and transparencies.


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