Amizuva is a new bathroom furniture brand designed exclusively for online markets. Its portfolio is based on simple and stylish products, all made in Spain. The challenge was to give it an attractive image linked to the digital world capable of competing with a market full of low-cost products.

Design strategy

With the motto ‘Premium Digital Bath’, we declare our intentions, where we are committed to a quality product that changes the standards of the online market. The combination of a global brand and proximity are the pillars that will sustain user’s trust in a complex and competitive market. Its inspiration in Japan sets the international notes and his roots in Valencia the proximity we seek.

From the beginning, the idea was to create an influencer brand, which will radically change the way of communicating, of relating to customers and users. Amizuva follows a different code of behavior, where issues such as collaboration with other companies will be key. At Odosdesign we strategically established collaboration with other brands and also the search for those companies with which Amuzuva shares a common vision on design and communication.

Amizuva is 100% online, so we proposed a brand that takes digital communication codes as a reference. What we seek is to provide it with freshness and dynamism, while connecting with customers due to proximity.

This search for a digital personality not only translates into the communication of the products and the brand, but must also extend to the company’s philosophy. We have worked on all the tools to generate that brand in digital media; web, social networks, audiovisual pieces images and product shootings.


Under the premise of mixing, we created the naming of the brand. Starting from the union between the near and the far, from Valencia and Japan, we created the name Amizuva (バレンシー水), a word that comes from combining ‘mizu’ (water in Japanese) and ‘va’ (Valencia).

The goal has been to make the brand stand out from its competitors, bringing the digital environment and e-commerce closer to the bathroom sector. We wanted to design a striking identity capable of transmitting accessibility and quality, being able to encompass an audience with different profiles and ages.

The result has been the combination of a clean and neutrak graphic identity with striking and animated applications, aimed at the digital environment. The typography plays a major role in the applied graphics of the brand. We have used the Roobet typeface, a sans serif with enough character and legibility to be at the forefront of the brand, adapted to physical media but especially to digital ones.

There are 2 fundamental elements in the brand’s graphics: color and dynamism. A color palette has been developed, taken from the digital context – pinks, yellows, blues, violets… – that blend into soft gradients. The second element is bubbles, a reference to water and bathing, which allow us to work on the brand in a dynamic way.

Art Direction

Amizuva’s end customer will relate with the brand’s products on digital channels: web, marketplaces, social networks… An essential part has been to work on product communication, understanding that the user will not be in direct contact with the product. For this reason, we have worked with computer generated scenes of the product in context, transmitting a style that connects with the new way of understanding home decoration. During this part we also collaborated with other companies, so the Amizuva product were surrounded by brands, building a vivid space.

The search for a communicative code capable of differentiating Amizuva’s products from the rest that exists in the digital context, leads us to propose small changes in simple but necessary tools. This is the case of the cycloramas, where the background has been colores with the corporate colors of the brand, so that they stand out in any marketplace.


Amizuva’s contact channels with its customers are 100% digital. Although Amizuva is sold through marketplaces and third-party stores. we created a website as an e-commerce where users can choose the different characteristics of the products. This in turn will connect with marketplaces through search systems.

Social networks are the pillar to properly relate the personality of the brand. We worked on the content strategy both from the point of view of format and media, as themes to be explored. The idea is to create an influencer brand that not only talks about itself, but algo those issues that are related to its way of being and understanding design. Other brands with which it collaborates or its cultural identity (between Japan and Valencia) are some of the thematic territories marked.

Finally, the digital presence of the brand has been understood as a related ecosystem, where Amizuva is not alone, but intereacts with a number of companies around it. In this way we initiated a dialogue, not only with the customer, but also with the design context of the brand. In this way we have established collaborations in the sect, with complementary brands with which Amizuva shares a common vision of design and the bathroom.