Puffs Collection
Koh Tao

The concept of the collection is inspired by an area of Thailand that is full of different islands. Hence the concept of this system was born; different poufs, with different sizes, with independent backrests that can be put on and taken off and that give a lot of play. They are reminiscent of geographical features, modules with reliefs that move, that respond to the irregularity of the archipelagos of islands.

The very evolution of the creation process also gave life to the sofa, an element that converses perfectly with the rest of the elements, offering different features. For the design of the line we have taken care to the last detail without putting limits to the imagination. Focusing on highlighting the rounded corners, we have given the collection a unique personality and organic, natural shapes. In line with the brand’s philosophy, “Conscious living”, it stimulates moments of peace and well-being and is ideal for contract spaces.