Lladró is one of best-known brands of handcrafted porcelain on the international market. Tradition and luxury are the distinguishing traits of its identity. Lladró has been working on a more evolved line in recent years, to enable it to connect with a contemporary audience.

The art direction and editorial design of its lighting catalogue has now been assumed by Odosdesign. It is a resource that is responsible for showing the product’s capacity to connect with its space.

In searching for a narrative that can contextualise the product in other kinds of spaces, we developed a line of photography inspired by contemporary architecture.

Art Direction

This approach was made, on the one hand, from a more conceptual standpoint, through a series of ad-hoc settings created to display each of the designs. One premise was to recreate very high spaces, as we had to take pictures of large products in which the angle is essential to understand the design properties and how it conditions the space.

On the other hand, we looked for locations in actual projects, which allowed us to show how the product is used. Not only to emphasise the handcrafted and quasi-artistic qualities of the product, but to show its real look, with beams of strong light so that the object is as prominent as the light projected onto it.

The locations, which are divided into residential and contract spaces, share a common architectural language, high ceilings, noble materials, large format finishes, large windows etc. The essential aspect of the project was to choose each one carefully to express a characteristic of the brand, while ensuring they are universally understood, because Lladró is an international brand that markets its brand in the same way around the world.

Editorial design

The results of the photography shoots were transferred to the catalogue with a clear, uncomplicated publishing style in which the images are the main feature. The conceptual images serve to introduce each collection. The scenes in real spaces put the product in context and explain the potential of each light fitting. As an introduction, we devoted the first pages to a discussion of Lladro’s working methods and the importance of craft skills in its products.