Outdoor Collection



A classic among classics, but innovative and sustainable.

Mindo 120 is a new, modern and planet-friendly conception of a classic product: the waiter. As usual in this type of product, its main function is to transport and house objects on it. We wanted to take this design one step further, so we came up with a distinctive feature that takes it one step further: it is 100% detachable. The handle, as well as both sides of the structure, the planks and even the wheels; this waiter can be dismantled in its entirety, making it easy to transport and clean.

Mindo works excellently with high quality aluminium, which is why we made practical water drainage holes for the planks to make it easy to handle and resistant both indoors and outdoors. A curved organic profile forms the frame and the handle, and the large wheels make it easy to move around the room.

The result of this project is the perfect representation of Mindo’s philosophy: the balance between quality and functionality.