Ontinyent Sign is a project materialized through graphic design that seeks to reinforce the civic pride of the city among its inhabitants and its visibility.

In the age of social networks, where online presence is fundamental, an iconic and “instagrammable” monument such as this is conducive to an increase in tourists, which can result in an increase in the local economy and greater exposure in the media. By attracting visitors from around the world, it encourages cultural diversity and exchange between communities, thus enriching the city’s education and culture. 

In addition, the sculpture becomes a representative symbol of the city, boosting pride and a sense of belonging among local residents. 

In conclusion, from increasing tourism and the local economy, to promoting Ontinyent’s culture and education, this iconic space can have a great beneficial impact on a city’s image and identity.



Sometimes everything changes just by changing the perspective.

To create the symbol of Ontinyent Sign we focused on perspective, generating an urban forest of metal figures that seemingly say nothing but, when we find the right point from where to observe, we can read the name “ONTINYENT”.

This forest is accessible to everyone and even when it is not being used it brings a sculptural value to the place. 

The typeface we chose is Formula Condensed, a quite complete and versatile typeface with a bold look and interesting gestures in its terminations. In fact, this typeface was designed with the same objective with which we created the piece: to make an impact.



Since we wanted to give visibility to Ontinyent in social networks, the monument had to be in a point near the entrance of the city, quite busy and easily accessible, also, being able to interact with it is part of the key to the success of this action. For these reasons, we have placed it in the Mirador de San Rafael, a high location with beautiful views that makes it easy to be seen from various parts of the city, also, being one of the main access points makes it very busy.

To make it even more accessible and to consolidate it as a symbol of the city, we have decided to design all its parts and its installation to be mobile and thus move it depending on the time of year or even move it to events.